Why invest in Cluj?

  • Competitive wage costs and favorable tax companies
  • Advantageous geographic location in relation to Central and Western Europe (three days away from France)
  • Landscaped industrial parks that favor industrial development (e.g. TETAROM)
  • Developing professional real estate offers
  • Regional and academic capital city which has an international airport with direct connection from Beauvais to Cluj and to other European cities
  • Health care and education services, cultural and sport activities, numerous associations that allow social integration of expatriates and favor stabilization of middle and upper social classes
  • Academic potential favorable to personnel selection and research / development
  • A still present Francophonie, despite a slight decrease in recent years
  • An efficient flux of Internet Service
  • A safe city, in terms of the low rate of delinquency
  • Low seismic risk
  • A more accessible administration than in the capital city, Bucharest (for example, recovery of VAT)
  • Natural environment favorable to the quality of life
  • The presence of the French Institute in Romania, the Cluj-Napoca Regional Directorate being very dynamic in the relationship with companies and universities, as well as in professional training or cultural events.

Several weaknesses are related to: an unstable juridical environment, a state with overly bureaucratic visions, deficient infrastructure, a fairly consistent emigration of the personnel, low quality of education, lack of skilled labor in the technical field, and in the case of French companies, the lack of personnel speaking the French language. 

Promoters of the La Francophonie in the region of Cluj (the French Institute in Cluj, the Consular Agency and the Francophone Business Club in Cluj) are acting in order to demonstrate the usefulness of the French language at work: cultural charter broadcasted in companies and conferences, promotional activities of the French language and employment opportunities in educational establishments, monitoring and strengthening of academic cooperation and francophone offers of professional training.