Why C.FAC?

Multiple business opportunities. Within a company, the continuous generation of new sales is a necessity: a first argument of club members and the reason for their adherence to the Francophone Business Club. Due to this reason, the Club memberships allow the establishment of strong relations between its members and create opportunities, such as:

  • Visibility within potential partner companies in business
  • Recommendations from other members
  • Direct promotion among potential customers who take part in Club events
  • Direct promotion among members

Strategic cooperation with other companies. Strategic cooperation can be an extremely important means in the shaping of new business opportunities, opportunities launched only due to adhesion to the Francophone Business Club. These opportunities may include:

  • Partnering with a company in a complementary field of activity, such as a partnership between a company specializing in computer equipment and a company specializing in IT consultancy.
  • Exchanges of clients and databases with non-competing members operating in the same market.
  • Alliances for the exchange of specific references, such as an alliance between a realtor, a company with the object of activity in security and a company specialized in producing office furniture.

Business Development: 

  • Workshops and interactive presentations. Each event is designed to stimulate ideas in business, to provide new methods and proven, innovative and useful techniques. Club events encourage members to share ideas and methods of business development.


Favorable space for exchanging ideas!