Supporting the Club


Created in 2011, C.FAC is:

  • a meeting space that encourages business development and the exchange of ideas
  • an economic francophone network in development
  • a coupling agent between francophone companies and administrative, educational, economic environments in Cluj

Considered the francophone economic network in Transylvania, C.FAC distinguishes itself by offering the opportunity of adhesion not only to the francophone companies within the region, but to any other francophone companies with professional profile of decision in an institution or in administration.

C.FAC in numbers:

  • two major events held each year, with over 300 guests: New Year reception (January) and the French National Day (July 14th)
  • economic network with over 60 francophone companies (companies totaling over 4000 employees)
  • newsletter distributed monthly to an audience of over 800 people
  • social network (Facebook) visited by more than 500 users
  • promotional materials: flyers, posters, roll-ups, banners, invitations

Do you want to support the Club? For more information regarding mutual benefits, please contact us at: