After Bucharest, the West and Northwest regions are benefiting in a high proportion from the presence of French investments, especially SMEs (small-to-medium enterprise).

In Cluj, French companies hire about 2,500 people (estimate of Consular Agency) in 134 companies with a total turnover of € 45.5 million (data distributed in 2011 by CCICJ - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cluj).

France is considered the seventh investor in Cluj, after Hungary, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Austria, and before Cyprus, Spain and Luxembourg. An ensemble of foreign investment in Cluj region in 2011 accounted for € 120.3 million (second position after Bucharest), with a total of 3,303 companies.

The most representative companies are subsidiary groups headquartered in Bucharest: CARREFOUR, CORA, AUCHAN, DECATHLON, BRD-Groupe Société Générale, ORANGE, GROUPAMA, but also SMEs: PENTALOG, PITECH + PLUS, ENERGOM, FSA, THOMAS, MECELEC, DKER, GDS, AB CALIPAC.

Important to note is SILVANIA, which belongs to the Michelin group in Zalău.

The presence of French citizens who work in the region of Cluj remains limited, estimating a total of 20 permanent residents (seconded employees, expatriates or independent contractors). On the other hand, more than 500 French students are enrolled in universities in Cluj, mainly in the Faculty of Medicine. Also, in this region live clergymen or pensioners of French origin. Currently, in the Register of French citizens resident outside France are registered 110 people residing in the region of Cluj.

It should also be mentioned that many French citizens are passing through the region of Cluj for business or touristic purposes: academics, students, tourists, staff employed in companies with partnerships or subsidiaries in the region, associations, NGOs, artists. The National Centre for Tourism Information and Promotion Cluj recorded the transition of 1,145 French citizens, which represents a secondary frequency after the Romanian citizens.

Economic interests to companies: road infrastructure, airport development, investments in the Water Company financed by European funds, urban transport, waste management, health sector, audio-visuals, new technologies, call services, agriculture, tourism, trade.