C.FAC Membership advantages

The Francophone Business Club in Cluj (C.FAC) activates since 2011 in order to create a dynamic business environment and a francophone network in Cluj. Following a continuous evolution, the Club enables interested business people to join its initiatives, through which aims to influence the economic and academic environment of the city.

C.FAC has the honor and pleasure to invite you to be a part of its network and to contribute in an original and singular manner to its development.

Join the Club and become a member of C.FAC! In order to do so, please send us an email at: cfac@cfac.ro

As a member you will:

1. participate in Club events and partners' events (social, informational and prospecting events, development networks). The Club organizes a monthly meeting on the last Thursday of every month.
2. get discounts for various services, events and public spaces.
3. have the opportunity to present your company, expertise or products in organized meetings. Promoting products and services is much simpler as the economic network you belong to knows your company's profile, recognizes the brand and understands the value of the services provided by your company.
4. receive guidance in business

More information about the benefits in "Become a member advantages"